Martin Ottmann on Jaquier, Darling, Rhyner, Mousiol, etc

8 Oct 1996

Patron Meritorious the Jody Darling way
Tue, 10 Sep 1996

The next development was accidentally discovered by Albert later and explained, for him, not only the use of the IAS office by Darling to send and receive his business faxes but also Darling's failure to repay the loan. In the IAS magazine "Impact" Iss # 28, there is a photograph of Darling being congratulated by Heber Jentzsch on JANUARY 13, 1990 for buying his Patron Meritorious!! So Darling paid IAS $150,000 to convert his Patron with honors to Patron Meritorious sometime between receiving the money from Albert and January 13,1990.

In Impact No. 27 Darling was still listed as "Patron with Honors". This issue came out in November/December 1989. So Darling obviously paid the 150,000 $ at the end of 1989.

Hans-Kaspar Rhyner paid 210,000 $ for his "Patron Meritorious" in 1989. I guess that money came directly from Albert. Did Rhyner covered Albert's loan also as an investment?
Tschupp seemed to be a IAS-FSM at that time. Do you think that he was behind the "Rhyner-cycle" too?

In fact there is a memo handwritten by Albert to the effect that the wife of an IAS salesman confirmed that $150,000 of the money Albert gave to Darling was paid to IAS for Darling's Patron Meritorious. Albert had been told his money was "invested" in Darling's company, in "stocks" and a "loan"!! On March 12, 1990 Darling sent another fax, again from the IAS office.

When I worked in the Sea Org at the FSO it happened one night that two Scientology-publics knocked at the door of my department in the Coachman Building and wanted to get in. They told me that they needed to do an "IAS-cycle" at the fourth floor. In the fourth floor happened to be the company of the Feshbachs. I found that very strange as these guys didn't use the official IAS-offices at the Fort Harrison for their "cycle".

In August 1993, having received no help from the "church" of Scientology, Albert went to the TOP, the ultimate, highest authority alive in Scientology, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, COMMANDER DAVID MISCAVIGE!!!!!
Albert's assistant, Louise Cournoyer, wrote the letter but incuded a translation of a letter in which Albert described 6 LOANS he had made to Scientologists, Darling included, totalling $650,000 which were grossly delinquent. Louise also mentioned Albert's serious health problems despite being OT 7, the financial hardship generated by the delinquent debts, and the fact Albert had reported the situation numerous times to C of S officials and nothing had been done.

Since Religious Technology Center (RTC) is responsible for the proper application of Scientology, we should expect Commander Miscavige to take some firm action when confronted by such obvious outnesses. Flag (which is claimed to render only "perfect" application of Scientology)has given someone OT 7 (which is supposed to handle all illness and make the person "cause over life") and he has a stroke and was in a coma. Scientologists who have the incredibly powerful, totally workable, 100% effective business and ethics "technologies" of Scientology do not keep their promises and pay back their debts. They are delinquent to the tune of $650,000. These situations are reported to Flag officials and WISE officials whose job is to resolve the situation and these officials do nothing.


Thank you for your letter concerning Mr. Albert Jacquier(sic) and the sour investments which are not resolving.
The policy concerning such disputes between Scientologists is to hold a Civil Hearing. You can contact Chief Public MAA FSO if you would like to get one called for Mr. Jacquier.
I wish you the best in getting this resolved.


[signed "David"]
David Miscavige
Chairman of the Board
Religious Technology Center"

In 1992 I tried to solve a very similar conflict the same way. I worked in the company of Peter Mousiol, "Patron Meritorious", who financed the "Patron Meritorious"-status of Karlheinz Schneider and the "Patron"-status of Roland Wolz. The IAS-FSM Kay Barre received 100,000 $ FSM-commission out of these deals. The money had been taken out of the company of Peter and left it in bancruptcy. In Autumn of 1992 I reported it to all the levels of the hierarchy of Scientology, demanding the IAS-money back into the company. From the "Reports Officer RTC" I got a letter back with almost the same wording.

Janet Light, the Director IASA wrote me in another insignificant responding letter, that "she hopes that I can resolve the situation".

As Albert continued to ask for his refund C of S officials stopped even pretending to assist him. At the beginning of November 1994 he wrote in his diary "I am in danger". His health continued to deteriorate and he felt he would not survive to the end of the year. He died on December 11 1994, alone, impoverished, in misery, betrayed, disillusioned, depressed and less than 60 years old. Scientology had promised him freedom, health, happiness, success, immortality, power and longevity. In the hope of achieving these, he had given till he had no more to give.

In Impact No. 8 from 1986 Albert Jaquier is featured together with a picture of him on a motorcycle. The text about him is as follows: "Albert Jaquier is from Switzerland and now lives in Florida. He is New OT 5 and is training on Level 0. He has been a Scientologist for six years".
In addition to making large donations to the Association's "war chest", Albert has financed the distribution of 70,000 copies of the booklet The Way To Happiness in Switzerland. These have been distributed in the rooms of every hotel in Geneva, and also placed in the waiting rooms of hairdressers, doctors and others.
Together with Fernand Pasche, a Lifetime member of the Association, Albert is the founder of a "Way To Happiness"-Association in Switzerland, the purpose of which is to get the precepts of The Way To Happiness taught in schools.

On becoming a Patron of the Association, Albert said, "Supporting the International Association financially is a very real way of helping the fourth dynamic. I believe there is only one chance for this universe and that is the Scientology religion. Therefore it is vital that the Scientology religion survives and expands. The Association is the assurance that this will happen.
It is extremely vital that the Association has large amounts of money to make that assurance certain. It is our hope for the future, for ourselves, for all mankind and for this universe."

Ironically enough, that another "Patron" who got featured in this article, was the German Dr. Rudolf Willems. He shot himself in 1987, after he had spent millions of Dollars for Scientology and his steel company sailed into bancruptcy.

Ariane Jackson,
Geneva, Switzerland. Aug 1996.

Martin Ottmann, Stuttgart, Germany