Drohbrief im Auftrag der 'Zeugen Jehovas'!

Telenor Online AS
Att: Chairman of the Board
Postboks 405
1324 Lysaker

Violation of Copyright

We are contacting you because it has come to our knowledge That You are the
Company that has given the following address access to Internet:

On said server, under telemark/Attention/Attention.html there is presented
copyright protected material. This is in violation of the law of Copyright
and liable to punishment. We enclose copies of the two first pages published
on this address. Enclosed you will also find documentation of who hold the
copyright, of the material on the page. We want to make clear that
Vakttarnet is a subsidiary of the holder of the copyright in the USA, Watch
Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

According to our information it is Kent Steinhaug, Naeringslivet i Telemark,
Postboks 237. Sentrum, Skien who are the owner of the account who's
responsible for the copying.

We beg of you to forthwith ask Kent Steinhaug to remove the copy right
protected material from Internet, and that failing to comply, will terminate
his account. We are asking this in light of the law of copyright  54 which
makes deliberate accessory to the violation a punishable act. I our opinion,
a failure to have this material removed, will be liable to punishment.


Haakon F. Hellstedt


We all know about the Net-War from the Church of Scientology, and finally the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has decided to use the same tactics. Trying to get rid of painful information under the cover of copyright. Just as the Church of Scientology. Since this information was on my website, one should expect I would have been asked to remove it. I was not. The complaints went directly to the net-provider, without any messages to me at all. Also, they asked that my internet-account was terminated if I did not remove the material immedeately. Not only the web-site, but my account! For the ones not informed, this is not the first time the Watchtower has tried to close down information they do dislike. About a year ago they tried to close down the Watchtower Observer - that time by false accusations that I should be responsible for fakemailing to their top-secret mailinglist "Friends". They did not succeed then, and they will not succeed now. The Pay Attention... documents are spread all over the net,and just as the Sciontologists they have no chance of stopping information from floating. Also it is interesting to see that the Watchtower once again shows up to breake their own "rules" "We copyright not to hinder others from a good work, but to prevent any ignoble use of the name and method. Copyrighted 1914 International Bible students Association London, England, and Brooklyn, N.Y." That's from the frontispiece of C.T. Russells', _Scenario of the Photodrama of Creation_. Russell didn't want his works serving any "ignoble" purpose. What "ignoble" purpose have I served with the Watchtower Society's publications? How have I twisted it? (I quoted whole chapters) What lies have I smeared them with? Has ANY JW shown me where I misquoted or misrepresented them? No, they have not. Have I put any words in their mouths? Doesn't their own skewed "translation" say: "For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth." (2 Cor. 13:8)?