Neues Video von Scientology aufgetaucht

Scientology befürwortet Gewalt gegen Psychiatrie

In this 2006/07 New Years Eve event, David Miscavige outlines how Scientology intends to destroy psychiatry using violent imagery including hand granades and expolsions.

Los Angeles Times

New Scientology video surfaces 08:01 AM PT, Feb 8 2008

In a subtitled video that popped up in a few places on the Internet early this morning -- found it, and it was later picked up by and other sites -- Scientology leader David Miscavige is shown speaking to an audience about both the religion's multipronged campaign for the "global obliteration of psychiatry" and its international effort to disseminate a booklet, authored by Church founder L. Ron Hubbard, that the organization uses for outreach. The video appears to have been made in 2006. Miscavige mentions the value of "corporate tie-ins" and implies that multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, 7-Eleven and Dell Computer have been involved in distribution of Church literature.

In describing the workings of what he called "the 2006 campaign for the global elimination of psychiatry," Miscavige boasts of a coordinated international public relations attack meant to damage and discredit the psychiatric profession, its revenues and the drugs it employs.

"That campaign was expressly, maybe even diabolically, engineered to ignite both government action and media blizzard," says Miscavige from a lectern. "Our Mental Health Adjustment Kit essentially works like a 'smart' bomb in that it sniffs out 'psych' fuel lines and blows the funding mechanism."

"To put it bluntly," he continues, a moment before receiving rousing cheers from a large audience, "we booby-trap the whole psychiatric ecosystem."

Miscavige also goes into detail about a program he refers to as Operation Planetary Calm, whose goal is the worldwide distribution of Hubbard's "The Way to Happiness," a text the Church of Scientology refers to as a nonreligious "common-sense guide to happier living," according to a website registered under the address of the church. Part of the strategy, he says, is "corporate tie-ins."

"Multinationals tend to have Third World image problems," he notes as snippets of video play. "So this is what they're doing about it -- Coca-Cola Pakistan with a braille edition for the blind ... Philips Electronics, likewise all over Pakistan, and Dell Computers all over Africa."

Miscavige also implies that 4,000 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan carry the book, and adds that "the numbers grow even larger when you follow the campaign trail into Taiwanese schools -- to date, it's 250,000 by order of Taiwan's Ministry of Education."

At one point, a computer animation depicts a giant grenade, labeled "Psych Buster," exploding near a building labeled "government" and another building, perhaps a bank, with a large dollar sign on its side. Miscavige repeatedly invokes end-times biblical tropes such as "plagues," "parting seas" and "apocalyspe," and cites the goal of breaking "the dark spell cast across Earth by psychiatry."

After a message was left with the church seeking comment on the apparently leaked videos, links to which were initially sent to The Times by investigative journalist Mark Ebner, a spokesman identifying himself as Kendrick Moxon returned a call to say he was aware of the video. He described it as "an edited copy of a pirated video."

"Some sort of an excerpt is what it appears to be," he said, and did not deny that the video represented a real event.

Late calls to Coca-Cola seeking comment were not immediately returned.

As of this writing, at least three copies of the video had been posted on YouTube, the most-watched of which had fewer than 10,000 views.

Read the entire transcript here.

Im Scientology-Video genannte Firmen antworten

Web Scout was intrigued by the idea that major corporations around the world might be part of a vast network of dissemination for Scientology-related literature and booklets. So I made a couple of calls to the communications departments of companies named in the latest leaked video. Here's what they're saying:

D ell Inc. spokesman: "This came to our attention yesterday. We did research it with our colleagues in our Europe, Middle East and Africa business segment and with our colleagues in South Africa. We found no evidence that this is accurate, and it's not our practice to disseminate religious materials of any kind. We've got no affiliation with the Church of Scientology."

7/11 spokeswoman: "My international department believes that it's unfounded and inaccurate. But we've got to follow up with our licensee and get to the bottom of it."

Philips Electronics spokesman: "We were as stunned as anybody this morning. It's not something we were aware of. As an equal opportunity employer, religion is not something we comment on."

Several of the spokespeople noted that in the video, Miscavige uses slippery language to avoid directly saying the corporations took part in any distribution efforts.

Take another look at the text of the speech--and you''ll notice the lack of actual verbs.

Then there's our corporate tie ins. The multinationals tend to have Third World image problems, so this is what they're doing about it--Coca Cola Pakistan with a braille edition for the blind, nationally televised no less. Philips Electronics, likewise all over Pakistan, and Dell Computers all over Africa.

Other entities named in the video are investigating the matter before commenting.