Ultra OT Summit 2007

Scientology versucht die 'neuen' Basics Bücher flächendeckend an Bibliotheken zu versenden. Hier die direkte Aufforderung dazu:


Did you know that an LRH book is checked out of a library every 15 seconds? Books are the front line of dissemination. Making sure that the new, definitive editions of the Basic books are on the shelves to meet this continuous demand from library users is not optional. It is pivotal to expanding Dianetics and Scientology and clearing the planet.

Surveys show that the public's use and support of their local libraries is increasing. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own library cards. Americans visit libraries more than twice as often as they go to the movies. In England, ten million people visit a library at least once every two weeks. And the picture is the same internationally.

The target is to provide every single one of the 390,000 libraries in the world with the new editions of the Basic books. By contributing to the Library Donation Campaign, you are helping to place new LRH books into the hands of the millions of people who need them.

Donate to the Library Donation Campaign today.

Donate today for your local library or take responsibility for getting LRH books into libraries in entire geographic zones or pioneer lands. Decide what libraries or geographic zones you will take responsibility for, fill out the Library Donation portion of the order form (see insert) and send it in with your contribution.

Or contact the Bookstore Officer at your local org or the Planetary Dissemination Unit (PDU) nearest you. They can tell you how you can spread the message and actions of the Library Donation Campaign far and wide.

When you donate one or more sets of LRH Dianetics and Scientology books to libraries, you will receive:

  1. A special commendation
  2. Regular issues of the Planetary Dissemination Newsletter containing:
    • Briefings on current dissemination projects to make LRH tech available around the world
    • Results of the campaign
    • Successes and stories from public who discovered Scientology from an LRH book checked out from the library
    • Your name published as a donor
  3. Donor Book Plates: Attractive donor book plates with your name and contact information can be shipped with your set of donated books to the library of your choice

Und die Preisliste:


1 set of Basics books (1 library) US$400.00
5 sets of Basics books (5 libraries) US$2,000.00
15 sets of Basics books (15 libraries) US$6,000.00