Ultra OT Summit 2007

A Year of OT Action and Expansion

While the spirit of play pervades OT Ambassador activities, in the final analysis their role in planetary clearing is serious business as they carve a wide, no-nonsense path toward our ultimate victory.


In Europe, the concentrated OT power of 264 Ambassadors in 44 cities across 13 nations has developed into an Ideal Org epidemic.

Starting in Berlin, Germany, our latest IAS-sponsored Ideal Org revitalized an OT Committee of 20 core members - not including the ten who signed on to Berlin staff. In fact, it has infected the whole field, including Düsseldorf and Munich - all now pushing up the thermometer for their future Ideal Org. Hamburg is not immune, with 2,800 volunteer hours on Congresses and Bridge flow events. Stuttgart also caught a dose and OT Ambassador I/C Stefan Schneider is spreading it with fundraisers and action events.

Switzerland is also hurting for an Ideal Org and in Zurich, OT Committee Chairman Juraj Lipscher delivers the antidote-fundraisers, Bridge flow and Congresses. Then there is the real booster shot: eight Zurich OTs signing up for staff during the year.

Madrid, home to our National Church in Spain, was all the more susceptible to an infection wherein OT Committees obsessively work to expand Bridge flow by building new test centers.

Italy's Ambassadors number 107 with an OT Committee five times that. They treat their nation with prescription-strength Ideal Orgs and Bridge flow events. Milano's busting at the seams, and up to center stage stepped OT Leadership Award winners Franco Useri and Pino Gangi Dino, at which point their Building Expansion Fund was positively glowing with good health. Brescia is likewise flush with Ideal Org-itis. Padova's Ideal Org needs a little cosmetic surgery and a test center, all being readied under the leadership of Silvano Gentilin. But when talking potent medicine, there's the future Ideal Org of Torino. OT Committee I/C Umberto Mastrocola heads the plastic surgery team that will take the former monastery into the 21st century, with fundraisers and Bridge flow events every day of the year, also thereby doubling the number on Solo NOTs.

There is more again across Mother Russia, where rampant Ideal Org fever is all over Moscow and St. Petersburg. There's still more in Amsterdam, where they picked up the germ for Ideal Orgs after last year's Maiden Voyage. And it is absolutely an epidemic in Stockholm, where all five Swedish OT VIIIs stepped up as Class V Org staff. After treatments like that, Europe is the picture of health with 545 done targets toward new Ideal Orgs, 4,052 taking their next step on The Bridge and 128,729 volunteer hours on OT projects!