Scientology in Griechenland!

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Subject: Re: Greece / Scientology update
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:55:42 GMT
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I'm reposting the first message, from several months ago:

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Greek authorities against Scientology
From: Tony Bosnakoudis 
Date: 28 Nov 1995 13:47:46 GMT

	I believe, you will find this interesting. It's about the problems 
Scientology now faces in Greece (someone could say: "It was about time"), 
as published in some Greek national newspapers:




		    ETHNOS Newspaper, October 18-20, 1995
		   	        by Mary Beneas

	- Introduction -

	A para-religious cult of shivering activities throughout the
world, has spreaded in Greece. It is the notorious "Church of Scientology"
which operates in Greece as "Center of Applied Philosophy of Greece"
(KEFE). The cult has already caused the interest of our country's judicial
authorities, that were moved after may accusations from parents whose
children have fallen into its networks ...

	Shocking evidence came into light by the judicial investigation
under way, since last June, on the operations of the "CENTER OF APPLIED
PHILOSOPHY OF GREECE", known as KEFE headquartered at 200 Patision st. 

	According to the evidene that judge Ioannis Angelis has collected
so far (and with simultaneous briefings to the Supreme Court judge) it is
an organization, recruting mainly young people, which are then exploited.

	May of them have run away from their homes and work there with no
pay, while others are sent to work abroad, in unknown tasks so far. The
members are going through a "clearing" process, during which they receive
pharmaceutical substances, unknown so far. Before this process the members
are obliged to sign a binding statement, that they will no raise any claim
against KEFE, in case of injury to them !

	Many members even sign statements that their relatives will not
raise claims against the Center in case they committ suicide !

	KEFE employs "Ethics Officers", as well as "Ethics Courts"
to punish those who violate its "Ethics Code", at the time when members
must request permission, even to go out for a hair-do.

	The role of the "Department of Special Affairs" is considered to
be especially suspicious, as well as the "Office of Special Affairs", both
being operated by KEFE. According to the evidence at the Judge's disposal,
they monitor people of judicial, religious, political background and
report their movements to unidentified centers abroad.

			Pills and exile for the believers
		- Summary of Judge Angelis' Report -
	In his Report judge Angelis mentions:
	"During the investigation, many financial evidence were collected
and received by employees of the Economics Ministry of relevant duties, as
well as fourty nine (49) bottles of various pills, that were confiscated.
As an indication, ninety files were taken away, out of the thousands
existing in the three floors, to verify the accusations (which are forced
missions to work abroad, granding of pharmaceuticals, etc).

	The study of those files revealed that:
a)  Files are maintained for certain people (members or not), the contents
of which are kept secret and classified, even by those interested and
concerned members.

b)  Many people are asked to sign the Statement of Law 1599/86 (also known
as Law 104) that KEFE has no responsibility in case they committ suicide.

c)  The so called "Clearing" process is applied, during which various
pharmaceutical substances are given to the participant. Most importantly,
the person is signining (before he/she enters the process) a statement that
he/she, as well as the heirs, will not raise any claims, or sue, or attack
KEFE in case a damage or injury is caused during the clearing process.

d)  The Center is maintaining Ethics Officers and Ethics Courts, to punish
those who violate its Ethics Code.

e)  The family life of the members is recorded, for unknown reasons and
orders are issued for their "handling".

f)  The criminal or unethical actions of the members are recorded for
unknown reasons, without precluding the possibility of blackmailing.

g)  The members are praised, in writting, for conducting unethical or
criminal actions.

h) The members are attracted to the Center with deceptive ways.

i)  The members sign statements about offering free labour usually for a
five year period.

	The most important, however, is that the Center is maintaining a
Department of Special Affairs and Office of Special Affairs, which conduct
monitoring of people and report their movements to unidentified centers

	The court has started investigating the case after accusations
from parents, whose children joined KEFE. May of them - it is said to be
over 4.000 - have collected signatures, asking from the District
Authorities to shut the Center down".

			           TOP 12
	The European Office of the Church of Scientology has sent a list
to its Greek organization, wich includes ... the enemies of the
organization. Among them, there is the name of the former Public Order
Minister, Mr. Stelios Papathemelis. Their danger level is noted next to
the name:

	f. Antonios Alevizopoulos, priest .......................... 100
	Archbishop Seraphim ........................................ 100
	Public Order Minister ...................................... 100
	Sotos Koundouriotis ........................................  50
	Aristovoulos Manesis, University Professor .................  50
	f. Anastasios Giannoulatos, Archbishop of Albania ..........  50
	Panteleimon Karanikolas ....................................  50
	Anna Touloupis .............................................  50
	Nikos Vamvounakis ..........................................  50
	f. Meletios, Bishop of Nikopolis in Preveza ................  50
	Stelios Papathemelis, former Public Order Minister .........  50
	f. Chrisostomos, Bishop of Dimitriada ......................  50
		       Imported trip-ups on the Judge
	Twice so far judge Angelis investigated KEFE headquarters. Both
times, he faced the reaction of KEFE people in charge, who try any way in
order to stop the investigation.

	Mr Angelis continues his investigation and has briefed the
supervisor of the Court Inspecting Agency on his findings, as well as on the
attacks he faces from KEFE.

	In one point of his report to the supervisor, Mr. Angelis mentions:

	"From the start of the preliminary investigation, a submission of
reports against myself has begun, both by the Center's management, as well
as by individuals. However, the most troubling fact is that the decision
for these tactics against myself, has been made abroad, especially by the
(unknown to me) organizations IAS, RTC and OSA, whose goals and purpose of
existence I am not aware of. The implication of foreign centers is causing
at least anxiety to the undersigned, therefore, I request that my false
accusers be called to clarify what the exact identity and goals of these
foreign organizations are".

			Judge Angelis investigates
			     the possibility
			      of espionage
	Judge Angelis is also investigating the possibility of espionage,
committed by KEFE. He holds a burning document, a "congradulations"
letter, to the member Angeliki K. The congradulations are given because she
"managed" (as the document states) to bring to KEFE a classified Report of
the Hellenic Intelligence Agency (KIP), with which she offers "a vital
product to the International Administration" !

	The document is dated February 12, 1993 and titled as "APPRAISAL":
	"With the present document, Angeliki K. D/DSA GREECE, is praised
for her support to the recent Obs, Mso, Osa, ini and her products from her
post and with the hospitality towards the Missionaire.

	She is especially praised because she managed to bring to KEFE the
KIP Report and photocopy it without extra expenses. She, herself,
photocopied it, in her own time and consequently offered to the
International Administration a vital product, which considerably
contributes in handling the suppressive elements in Greece and abroad.

	Angeliki is constantly offering good products in the public
relations field, since she took over that post, in addition to her
responsibilities as a mother and this prooves her to be an ethical and
valuable staff member.

	Well done Angeliki and carry on in this way, in offering such
valuable products, which raise survival in all dynamics.

	The Sun never sets in Scientology. And possibly, a new day may
rise for you, those you love and Mankind.

	Our goals are simple, although important.
	And we will succeed and keep succeeding in every new rotation of the

	Your help is welcome.
	Our help is yours".

	The Hellenic Orthodox Church has launched a campaign to inform the
Greek Orthodox people on the dangers from cults and hereses.

	Part of this campaign are the discussions it organizes for young
people, suppported by the members of the Synodic Committee and especially
from f. Antonios Alevizopoulos on the traps set by these 127 groups, that
operate in our country under various facades.

	This is the reason that five Church people, including Archbishops
Seraphim of Greece and  Anastasios of Albania are included in the Center's
enemy list.

	The Athens Archdiose in its statement, points out:
	"Archbishop Seraphim is the person who launched the information
campaign on the hereses operating in our country with political and
profit-making purposes.

	These hereses are often using methods of prosylitizing, leading
their victims - through psychological violence to loss of personality and
complete rapture of ties with their family environment".

	The Bishop of Nikopolis and Preveza, Mr. Meletios, who is included
in the enemy list, said to our newspaper: "I want to believe that the
investigation (which I applaud) will carry on in depth, in order to reveal
the true identity of this organization".

	(Friday, November 17, 1995, p. 23)
	"The first trial against members of the para-religious
organization of Scientology, which operates in Greece under the name
"Center of Applied Philosophy of Greece" (KEFE) is set for December 19,

	The members are Helen Alevizopoulos, the doctor Peter Alimantiris
and Theodoros Sismanidis, accused of fraud and causing dangerous physical
injuries, after the accusations brought forth by Ms. Athanasoulis, member
of KEFE, to Mr. Angelis, who is investigating the Center's illegal
ativities, since last summer.

	According to her accussations, during the "Clearing" process that
she was suggested to enter, she was given substances (which were brought
by Sismanidis from America) that caused her partial blindness, dehydration
and burns.


	There will be more, news as the case develops, as well as 
	personal experiences.