by Graham E. Berry


The message below is from Lawrence Wollersheim. He is a former Church of Scientology ember who became one of its star super-salesmen (called a “Registrar” in Scientology). Later he left the Church and it targeted him for “destruction utterly and by any means possible,” in a war of litigation, harassment and “psycho-terror” that lasted for over twenty-years and that has cost the Scientology organization at least forty million dollars.

Similarly, there is the Church’s continuing twenty-five year litigation war of attrition against former L. Ron Hubbard archivist Gerald Armstrong:

In fact, in a single year alone the annual litigation budget of the Church of Scientology was over forty million dollars. These are astronomical investigation and litigation expenditures by the Church of Scientology that, according to many former high-ranking Scientologists, rarely exceeds 150,000 active members in any particular year. As others have quipped, “The only thing that works in Scientology is the lawyers.” Not surprisingly, three lawyers and an accountant control the Scientology’s shadowy apex corporation, the Church of Spiritual Technology. http://en.w

Why does the Church of Scientology need an annual litigation budget exceeding that of the Roman Catholic Church defending thousands of pedophilia claims and cases? Indeed, why does the Church of Scientology need a worldwide “intelligence” organization that exceeds the capacity of many small- and medium-sized nations? And why should Hollywood celebrities and others be able to make tax deduct contributions to a religion engaging in expressly mandated, financed and active campaigns to “utterly destroy” those ordinary citizens and public officials who oppose the church’s anti-social activities, and that the Church of Scientology therefore deems to be “suppressive persons?” Where is the outrage at such a blatant perversion of America’s ideals of free speech, equal justice on an even playing field, and the charitable purposes of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(3)?


Anyone who criticizes Scientology is deemed an enemy of the church, can be declared a “suppressive person” and targeted for “utter destruction” by the church, using copyrighted policies and practices for the “handling” and “demise” of those who would impede Scientology’s goals of taking over the world and ruling it according to the policy letters and bulletins of the church. The church scripture also dictates that those who refuse to submit to Scientology, about 2.5% of the world’s population, are to be disposed of “quietly and without sorrow.”

During the 9-minute Scientology recruiting video clip you will hear Tom Cruise referring to “suppressive persons” and that he “smashes suppressive persons.” All members of the Church of Scientology, particularly the celebrities and wealthy, are pressured into joining the International Association of Scientologists or “I.A.S.” All members of the I.A.S. (in effect all Scientologists) are pressured to contribute considerable sums of money to the church through the I.A.S. It is said that Tom Cruise has given between $50 million and $100 million to the Church of Scientology. I.A.S. contributions are tax-deductible. Scientologist’s individual contributions to the I.A.S. help fund the Church of Scientology International’s Office of Special Affairs, also known as O.S.A.

O.S.A. houses the Church’s public relations and legal units, responsible for handling all external threats and dangers to the Church. These can include opposing lawyers, critical journalists, incorruptible politicians, law enforcement, educational professionals and academics, judges, juries and every single person within the mental health profession, which the Church of Scientology claims to be its own exclusive field. The O.S.A. legal unit also houses the Church’s “intelligence officers;” and it employs small armies of highly paid big law firms and private investigators, to deal with “critics” and other “merchants of chaos,” and to “shudder them into silence” with tactics that can also be described as domestic “psycho-terrorism.” The anti-social and unlawful tactics of the I.A.S. and Church of Scientology International funded O.S.A. include: “noisy investigations,” “dead agenting,” “third partying” and other “fair game” church-copyrighted activities. In connection with one particularly outrageous result in a Church of Scientology copyright case, a Wall Street Journal editorial opined that the federal judge had “turned copyright law on its head.”

Consequently, through their tax deductible donations to the I.A.S., high profile public Scientologists such as Tom Cruise, Greta Van Susteran, former Los Angeles Police Commission chairman Gerry Chaleff, Esq., and Los Angeles County Sheriff Baca are funding “psycho-terror” attacks on ordinary citizens who do nothing more than exercise their constitutional rights of free speech, petition, assembly or debate. On May 26, 2001, a St. Petersburg Times editorial expressed its views upon such “fully tax-exempt” religious policies and practices: “But time and again, Scientology has argued that it is a religion and should be treated like any other church. But again and again, stories surface that set Scientology apart. Not only does it have a penchant for secrecy; it will spend unlimited time and money on pursuing, setting up, and bringing down its critics. That’s not like any church we know.”

In talking, even boasting and gloating, about how he “smashes suppressives” Tom Cruise has, for the very first time, publicly conceded his personal knowledge of, and active personal participation in, “The Dark Side of Scientology,” as I have described it on German television.

Tom Cruise also implicitly concedes his active funding of the I.A.S. The I.A.S. regularly contributes large sums of money to Scientology organizations to finance campaigns against “suppressive persons,” such as Lawrence Wollersheim, myself and many others over the years, for [our] “utter destruction … by any means possible.” Apparently, in the Alice and Wonderland Church of Scientology “Ethics,” “a staff member can get way with murder … to do otherwise is to permit some suppressive person to simply Ethics chit every producer in the org out of Existence.” Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 1 September 1965, Ethics Protection.

Many Hollywood celebrities are on record as saying that as a church, Scientology is harmless and that it is compatible with all other religions. A mere cursory review of the Wollersheim and materials hyper-linked below should indicate that the Church of Scientology is, in my opinion, a dangerous, totalitarian and political organization dedicated to worldwide take-over.

One of the Church of Scientology copyrighted religious scriptures called “Targets Defense” even mandates “taking over the heads or allegiance of key political figures, the heads or proprietors of all news media, international finance and obliterating the enemy.”

The Church of Scientology actually intends to eliminate all other religious GROUPS along with the mental health field. A former Scientology celebrity member has testified that the Church put him through a process of [other religion] religious de-programming. He spent over U.S. $500,000 on Scientology religious processing before he woke up. Other members have spent over one million dollars on Scientology courses and training.

Amazingly, on California and Florida soil, there are at least three tax exempt Church of Scientology “Rehabilitation Project Force,” or “R.P.F.,” facilities described by many former Scientology elite para-military Sea Organization members as similar to “a Soviet” gulag or a Red Chinese re-education camp. Worse is the Orwellian R.P.F’s R.P.F.

At this very moment a large number of the most senior executives of the Church of Scientology are said to be in the church’s “gulag” at Gilman Hot Springs, Riverside County, California. Amazingly, the former senior Scientology executive who was in charge of O.S.A. recently “escaped” from the Church when he reportedly refused to follow an order of David Miscavige that he report to the R.P.F. at Scientology’s St. Hill headquarters in England. His “crime” was failing to successfully squash or neutralize last year’s B.B.C. Panorama special on the Church of Scientology.

Numerous former senior Scientology executives have said that they were physically assaulted and beaten by Church leader Captain David Miscavige.

Many experts consider the Church to be engaged in the application of various techniques of hypnosis, mental manipulation, coercive indoctrination and financial fraud; often delivered through the Church’s own patented and trademarked “religious artifact,” the E-Meter; a primitive type of lie detector that only measures emotional and physiological responses. The cost of Church of Scientology religious counseling sessions on the E-meter can exceed twelve hundred dollars per hour. There is always the high cost of auditing your own “Body Thetans,”(or “B.T.s”), your own “BTs and clusters (of B.T.s),” and the “B.T.s of your own B.T.s” (because those B.T.s do not have their own money for Scientology auditing to remove them from you). I am not making this up; try googling the phrase “body thetans.”

Explicit details of a members most intimate personal sexual and even potentially criminal history, often during many “past lives,” became part of the Church member’s written and recorded church file. Many former members of the Scientology organization have been shocked to find the Church using the supposedly confidential personal files in I.A.S. funded and O.S.A. supervised litigation against these former Church members and staffers; later declared as being “suppressive persons” by the Church; and subject to Scientology’s copyrighted scriptures on “the handling of Suppressive Persons,” of “utterly destroying” them “by any means available” … “for the greater good of the Church of Scientology.” Just imagine the potential for institutional blackmail and coercion if the communications of a trusting parishioner penitent in the Roman Catholic confessional box were to be recorded, transcribed and sent to Rome for Vatican review, storage and potential adverse use should the penitent in confessional ever try to leave the Church, or for some other reason become an “enemy” who needs to be “shuddered into silence.”,3566,324163,00.html


The Church of Scientology has already infiltrated itself into various government departments using Scientology “religious technology,” re-packaged for use in the government, business and secular sectors, utilizing front-groups such as Narconon (substance abuse rehabilitation programs), Criminon (prison system) and Narconon Drug Education and Applied Scholastics (public education). Significantly, in Feb. 2005 the State of California issued a finding that the Narconon Drug Education Curriculum does NOT meet California Education Standards for science and best practices in drug education.

President George W. Bush’s former Secretary of Education (2001-2005) Rod Paige’s Chief of Staff was Scientologist John Danielson. They are still working together as the Chartwell Education Group.

While Paige was in the Bush cabinet, the federal department of Education created and implemented the onerous P.L. 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, (now up for re-authorization).

In the following video, one can see John Danielson, retired from his role as the Sec’y of Education’s Chief of Staff, brag about using his role to implement legislation against the use of psychotropic drugs with children while in the Bush Administration, from 2001-2005., the third video down, about half-way through, and

On the surface this may seem to be a somewhat worthwhile (albeit, controversial) endeavor. But, in fact, this is the implementation of Hubbard’s basic policies against medical treatment and therapy for children with mental health challenges. And the reason that Scientology is against mental health services for children? It is because Hubbard stated that children who receive mental health services are ineligible to become Scientologists (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 6 December 1976RB, revised April 8, 1988, Illegal Acceptance of PCs and Acceptance of High Crime PL) and therefore cannot be recruited into Scientology.

Is this another demonstration of the Bush administration using federal tax dollars to force implementation of policies in public education that are in conformity with the stated policies of Scientology?

I say “another demonstration” because the Bush administration mandated NCLB law has been serving as a vehicle to try to compel states and districts to use public funds to pay for the private Scientology-front group “tutoring program” Applied Scholastics throughout the county. Under Title I of NCLB public schools that are labeled as “need improvement” have to set aside 20% of their Title I money for tutoring or transportation to tutoring from approved providers of supplemental education services. At this time, approximately 25% of ALL public schools in America are facing such a “label,” primarily because of the failure of two subsets to make “Adequate Yearly Improvement”: students with special needs and students who speak English as a second language.

For example, Applied Scholastics is an approved provider in Missouri for supplemental education. On Oct. 18, 2005, the St. Louis Dispatch reported on the failure of the attempt to introduce Scientology’s Applied Scholastics education program into the St. Louis public school system.

And other observers, such as Peter Downs of the Saint Louis Schools Watch on Sept. 22, 2005, reported that long-time Scientologist and Applied Scholastics Chief Executive Officer Bennetta Slaughter “said that Paige’s former chief of staff, John Danielson, had spoken the night before to Lynn Spampinato in favor of Applied Scholastics. Spampinato is the chief academic officer of St. Louis Public Schools. At the school board meeting that night, Spampinato reported that she had talked to Danielson. While acknowledging an arms length tie between Scientology and Applied Scholastics, she said: “The academic program has some credibility.”

Scientology has been continuing, literally to this day, to try to place both Narconon Drug Education programs and Applied Scholastics in the public schools. While it is relatively easy to educate state and local boards of education about Narconon Drug Education by just drawing their attention to the CDE web-site evaluation of the nonsensical Narconon Drug Education, Applied Scholastics is a harder nut to crack because NCLB mandates that failing schools and districts offer for free to parents, at taxpayer’s expense, access to tutoring programs and Applied Scholastics consistently makes the list of approved tutoring programs. At least until conscientious educators and parents contact the agencies responsible for the lists and bring to their attention the multiple problems with this program.

And it is only this past week of January 14, 2008 that Scientology has had to acknowledge, with the release of the secret video-tape, its proud role in the issue around over-medication of students. Even though, in their case, it was to further the recruitment aims of Scientology, as per Hubbard’s orders.


Of course, David Miscavige’s and Tom Cruise’s much heralded $100 million law suit against Andrew Morton may now have to allocate any claimed damages, for last week’s allegedly defamatory publications, between Andrew Morton’s biography of Tom Cruise and the Mark Bender concurrently released Tom Cruise Scientology recruiting video calling for “suppressive persons” to be “smashed” by all members of the Church of Scientology [and not just by its deceptive I.A.S. tax-exempt funded O.S.A. PR, “Investigation” and litigation juggernaut and litigation blitzkriegs against those exercising freedom of speech, and expecting equal justice under law]!

Indeed, a jury may now find that any damage to Tom Cruise’s and the Church’s reputation is 99.9% due to the broadcast of the Tom Cruise recruiting video and only .1% due to Andrew Morton’s concurrently published biography of Tom Cruise. The comparative analysis has been further complicated by the new Tom Cruise Scientology recruiting video accusing the U.S. federal government of lying after 9/11 and claiming to be a 9/11 hero himself.

A jury could also find no defamation and/or no damage at all was caused by the publication of Tom Cruise’s biography. Consequently, the threatened Church and Tom Cruise $100 million damages claim could quickly turn into Operation Tom Cruise Foot-Bullet!


Accordingly, please send this email to each of your friends, acquaintances and associates, and to public officials, and request each of them to read, re-forward it to their friends, etc. and to act upon Lawrence Wollersheim’s important and revealing message and hyper-links below.

To those who email me and request it, I can provide a further multi-page list of hyper-linked sites with useful educational information about the real Scientology organization as opposed to that hyped by Scientology celebrity members living within their own L. Ron Hubbard designed version of the Truman Show’s bubble of unreality.

And, as a grateful bonus for your assistance, and in a much lighter look at how Tom Cruise “smashes suppressives;” wrote, “The dam has broken. Network bosses, fearful of the notoriously litigious Scientologists, stopped Craig Ferguson running the secret video featuring the sect’s new messiah, Tom Cruise. But the Late Late Show host went ahead, in a fashion;”

Apparently, what goes around still comes around. After “Scientology’s War against the Net, “the Internet has now declared War on Scientology; ‘Techies against the Dark Side!’

The foregoing statement is purely a “fair comment” expression of my own first amendment freedom of speech and opinion rights.

Graham E. Berry
Attorney at Law
3384 McLaughlin Avenue
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(310) 745-3771

Scientology mini-dictionary for the Cruise tapes:
* Criminon: Scientology front group that tries to recruit through the prisons.
* David Miscavige: He is the current leader of Scientology. He’s the equivalent of the Pope to the Catholics.
* KSW (short for Keeping Scientology Working): A policy written by Hubbard in the 1960’s that requires all Scientologists to follow his words and his rules exactly.
* LRH technology or “tech”: all the Scientology policies, rules, mandates, and procedures.
* Orgs: Orgs is an abbreviation for “organizations” and describes all churches of Scientology throughout the world.
* Out-ethics: any behavior that violates any of Hubbard’s rules of conduct.
* PTS/SP: another Hubbard term to define behavior that goes against Scientology rules.
* Put ethics in on someone else: make others conform to Hubbard’s rules of behavior.
* SP: Suppressive Person. Anyone that doesn’t like Scientology and/or criticizes Scientology.